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eBook From Scratch Academy

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Let me ask you a few questions sis so we can know if this academy will be a good fit for you or not...


✅Have you always wanted to write an eBook but just don't know where to start?

✅Or maybe you've written an eBook and gotten no sales... sound like you?

✅Or maybe you do something like sell makeup and wigs and think that there's nothing you can even write about that people will buy!

✅You could be one of those that think you need a HUGE following to make some money from social media hunh?

Well if you said yes to any of these I've come to help! I was able to start my entire 6-figure coaching business around a single $17 dollar eBook!

Oh and did I mention that I didn't have a large following too. Yeah I only had 232 followers. Yet, I still sold over a $1000 in pre-sales, and had a 4-figure launch day

Once you are done with this course you will know how to:

👉🏽Write and publish your very own eBook

👉🏽Set up your backend as far as payment processors

👉🏽Put together a marketing campaign even with a small social media following

👉🏽Learn how to make money from your book even before the book is done

👉🏽Learn how to come up with ideas for an eBook even if you sell physical products like wigs, and makeup.

👉🏽Start building wealth in your sleep!


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So why are you still reading sis get in the academy NOW!!