Kierra Sade

Hashtag Secrets

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(Same AMAZING eBook just a NEW titled better suited)

❌ Has your IG growth been stagnant?

❌ Have you wasted money on influencer ads?

❌ Are you tired of playing the guessing game and finally want a strategy that works?


👀 Well look no further! I have finally cracked the code that you have been struggling to crack and I'm ready to share all of the "expert" secrets with you!
If you are sick and tired of doing the 25 comment challenge 🥴 like I was... and ready to just engage on the pages that you want to engage on and not be forced, and if you are ready to finally start getting some REAL IG growth and engagement than this is the eBook for you!

💪🏽 These methods have caused me to take my impressions from 200 per week to over 80,000 in just 3 days, reach from 100 to 40,000.
💅🏽 Grow my email list by triple, my sales have gone through the roof, (I wasn't ready, don't be like me get ready lol).

🤑 As a matter of fact, someone FB cashed me for a product I hadn't even thought about making yet, nor did I have FB payments installed!
Plus, I gained a real authentic 100+ followers after being ghost and inconsistent for almost a month and with only 200 followers!
All this from just one post and  MONTHS later that post is still doing numbers! It now has over 6,000 likes, over 7,000 shares and 6k saves! My page now has gone from 318 followers whenI first wrote this book 8 months ago to over 6k, this is unthinkable!

But just like Mr. Click funnels says, "you're just one funnel away" well The Hashtag BOSS is here to tell you that you are just one hashtag away from a major breakthrough and if I and my clients can do it, you can TOO!
Learn how to:
✅ Get in front of thousands of new people everyday for FREE!
✅ Learn how to get your content to work for you months after you post it by making it go viral.
✅ Grow your following without sitting on Instagram all day. (We have better stuff to do right?!)
✅ Learn how to check your insights
✅ Learn how to find out what tags your target audience is using so you can use them!
✅ Learn the most common mistakes when using tags so you can avoid those pitfalls (Hint: Most of you are using hashtags that are wayyy too big for your account! Get my secret formula for the perfect size and amount of hashtags based on the size of your account right inside my eBook)
✅ And so much more! Yes there's MORE!
🤳🏾Sooooo what are you waiting on sis? Stop watching everybody pass you up. It's time to get your piece of the IG pie!
Still don't believe me? Swipe through for just a FEW of the receipts. My phone is literally busting through the seem with em! LOL