Kierra Sade

The 4-Figure Flash Sale Class

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Hey boss babe are you in a rut right now and need to generate a quick influx of cash...but without doing something strange for a little piece of change? 

Lol trust me...been there, done that, and NOT going back! 

If you have a product... or service and you need a quick influx of money...this class is going to give you every thing you need to get just that!

The techniques and strategies that I teach in this 1 hour class are the EXACT same strategies that some of my clients have used to secure high 3-figure and 4-figure CASH flash sales!

That means QUICKLY at the drop of a dime!

And guess what? It doesn't have to be a holiday. 

Imagine investing in this quick one hour masterclass and multiplying your investment not by just 10 but 100!!!! TFFF 

That's what boss babe Quetta did. She made over $3k in ONE day (check below for yourself) using just ONE of my flash sale methods...there's over 5 of them in the masterclass!

The BEST part? It only took her about 5-10 mins to implement. Keyword (IMPLEMENT) So all you need is to have the product on hand and do the exact steps I take you through!


Why are you still reading queen it's time to get to this bag! Grab your copy of the class now and get IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME access!


This masterclass is on FLASH SALE and will go back in the Social Sales Society vault after July 4th so don't miss your chance to take advantage of this CRAZY deal now to make some schmoneyyy!

Oh don't forget to DM your results! And if you have questions feel free to drop them in my FREE FB GROUP HERE!.