The Content Creation Tour

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Have you been spending more time wondering what to post than you have creating your actual posts? 
Everyday you get online and "look for inspiration" next thing you know...HOURS have gone by and you've created NOTHING and ANOTHER day goes by where you haven't made ANY sales in your business. 
Every day that you spend stuck wondering “but what do I even post about? or what do I go live about, or what should I post to make a sell today”, you’re leaving money on the table.
Y’all have been sliding in my DMs, in the comments, in the email, everywhere except my house lol... asking me for help so here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for and guess what baby???? It's LIVE and I'm super excited to get up close and personal with you all!
I'm coming to a city near you to help you LIVE IN PERSON to make SURE you do the work!
If you’re stuck and want my help creating your 30 day CASH MONEY content plan...
I have just a few spots per city available for my “Content Creation Tour” Intensive. as this is an intimate setting so you can have more of my attention.
The investment will increase every week so don't delay!  By the end of this live intensive, you will not only know exactly what to post but you will have created content for the next 30 days so you can start turning your content into cash schmoneyyy!
Sis ONE piece of INTENTIONAL content can potentially make your investment back and more!'ll be able to leave with at least 30 pieces and all the tools that you need to continue creating more content. 
When you leave you will be sufficient in: 
👉🏽Campaign creation (learn how to develop a 5-figure content launch)
👉🏽Shooting quality professional content with a cell phone by YOURSELF (So we are with ourselves more than we are with anyone one else so why limit your content creation to only when someone else can help you create it? We aren't we are gonna learn how to create QUALITY content even if we don't have a camera man following us around life.) 
👉🏽Editing (Took a bad  picture and the lighting was off? Don't trash the WHOLE pic sis. I have some apps, tips, and tricks to teach you to save those pics and you don't have to be a pro to use them!)
👉🏽Angle do's and don'ts (Your angles can literally make or break your product and lifestyle photos & videos. Learn how to pose and place objects like a professional influencer and you just might become one one day!)
👉🏽Lighting do's and don'ts (If you thought your angles were the only thing to make or break your content creation think again! Lighting can turn the best product into a cheap product. Come and steal all of my secret light tips and tricks so you can create money making content anytime anywhere!)
👉🏽Canva creation (Struggling to create stunning attention grabbing graphics? Not to fret Kierra is gonna take some time out to show you how to professionally and quickly make graphics that scream "my brand is lux, and quality and the price is the price!")
👉🏽Reels Transitions (This is Kierra's ABSOLUTE faveeee! A goodt transition is SURE  to grab your audiences attention whether you have physical products or sell a service. A good transition never gets old! Come and learn some of Kierra's easiest most attention grabbing transitions!)
👉🏽Scheduling (Busy much? Yeah we get it that's why Kierra is gonna teach you how to plan 90 days worth of content in one sitting while also being able to create 30 days in one sitting. Then she's gonna teach you how to set it and forget it so you can spend more time doing what you love with who you love instead of being stuck on the phone all day stressing about what to post while your business loses money every hour!)
and so much more!
As you can see you're in for a full day of learning, workshopping and implementation!
We are about to go into another recession and you need to be prepared to thrive not just survive.
Millionaires were made in the last recession from a cell phone and wifi connection.
Oh and if you need a payment plan...don't worry sezzle and shop pay are an option at checkout!
What you will need to bring:
  • At least 3 outfits if you have a personal brand.
  • A few of your products if you have a physical products biz
  • Cell phone
  • Computer or ipad (whichever you prefer)
  • Snacks
  • A writing utensil
  • A money making attitude!


What will be provided:

  • Notebook
  • Assignments
  • Content worthy location
  • Content ides and inspo
  • Wifi
  • No lunch will be provided...sis gone need a break. I will provide restaurants in the area

Please note there are no extra people allowed unless they have a reserved ticket and no refunds due to the nature of this product. You can transfer your ticket up to 7 days before the event.

You will receive details with the address of the exact location 7 days before the event once the deadline to transfer tickets is over. You can see the itinerary below. 


I will be in touch with other very important details as your city date draws closer so please make sure your email address and other contact info is correct.


Also note this is a LOT of BANG for your buck! The price will gradually rise the closer it gets to your city's date. Don't delay save today! 

So if you KNOW in your heart of hearts this is for you don't delay get your ticket today!